Accessing Dictionary in a Dictionary Value

Hi all,

I am having a slight issue not being able to access a directory that lies inside of that directories value. I am in a recursive situation so here is a high level flow.

VariantArray() = Directory1 Then

Directory1.Value(0) = Directory2 Then

Then Directory2.Value(0) = Directory3 Then

I can only access Directory1 that is the 0 element of the Variant Array. I can’t seem to luck out in accessing Dir2/3.

Any advice on this by chance using any example?


Ok I figured it out, by casting the first level dictionary and then diving into the value(key) of that directory using the proper key value (if that makes sense).

Dim LevelDictionary as Dictionary = Common_Module.DynJSONResultsClassArray(0).JSONResults_VariantArray(0)
Dim TestKeys as Variant = LevelDictionary.Value(LevelDictionary.Key(0))

(test semi-static code that proved the theory)