Accessing a list of constants at runtime

I fear I’m lost on this, but, for the sake of creating non-repetitive code, making this available in different languages, and using class with classes, I now have a dilemma.

I have created classes that handle db functionality and I would like to have as little code as possible for the actual item that I’m putting on a window. My problem is that I have put some several Constants that hold CueText & HelpText (separated by a |) for each field that will be on the form. These constants are defined in the window. The cleaver name I have given them, for example the idEmployee field, is cidEmployee. Pretty strait forward. I put the name of the field in a Property in the Inspector Behavior.

However I can’t find a way to make that work for me without a specific call in the open event of the actual field that gives the name of the Constant. That’s not terrible, but it would be nice if I could use something like AddressOf "c" + nameFld, or even cycle through the list of Constants to find the constant that matches that pattern.

Just can’t find that collections of Constants to deal with. Is there one and i’m just tired? Or both?

you can’t access constants list at runtime. it has been processed.
But you can give each control by subclassing extra properties, put constants in there and access them.

Thanks, Christian. So that would be removing the constant from the window and adding it to the class? Could I then deal with it in Inspector Behavior?

Constants be chase as though the code using them has just had the literal value put there
At run time there is no “constant”