Access xojo web from within local network using the web url

I need to access my xojo webapp that is on my local network via the URL. Not localhost or or any other IP. It must be the web url. I have to use the URL because I have users outside of the local network that have access also. My app login contains code to login using the Microsoft active directory login and the redirect is pointed the web URL. I appreciate any suggestions.
Windows 10 Xojo 2022r4.1

Maybe editing the local DNS cache (hosts file) to map the URL tho the IP of the server.

I would rather not edit the DNS cache. This is a huge office with lots of computers and they all need to connect to this app.

Is it possible to detect the url that was used to connect to the webapp in the session opening event?
If I can detect that localhost:port was used then I can set the redirect for the microsoft login to that URL.
I already do something similar using

#if DebugBuild then redir = “http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A64418”

I found the answer in another forum post.
Websession.Header(“Host”) in case this will help someone else.

Did you tried with Websession.URL?