Access iOSView Via the Toolbar?

I’d like to get the iOSView from another view. In this case I have an iOSScreen with a tab view. Tab 0 gets some information and I want to populate some controls on the view in Tab 1.

Seems like this should be possible but I’m not finding it in the documentation. Any ideas?

Something like this

If isIPad and self.ParentSplitView <> nil and self.ParentSplitView.Detail isa vDashboard then vDashboard(self.ParentSplitView.Detail) //Do something here End If

“isIPad” comes from Jason’s iOSKit


I think Greg confirmed my suspicions here

Answer is to keep all views in properties somewhere so that you can refer back to them - in other words, for all but the simplest apps, IDE screens aren’t that useful.

Sorry Bob, I misread your question. The code I posted earlier is only for splitviews not for tab views.

What about the tab views? Seems like this should be possible, no?

It is possible by subclassing iOSTabBar

Note that the TabBar screen is made by code, and not using Xojo iOS screen editor.