Access file within project

To access (read) a file with is in my project, I simply do (for example a picture “NeuronyxFond.jpg”):
MyPicture.Graphics.DrawPicture NeuronyxFond,0,0

But, how can I do if I have one 100 files “NeuronyxFond001.jpg”, “NeuronyxFond002.jpg”, and so on ?

I can’t write something like :
MyCount = 59
MyPicture.Graphics.DrawPicture “NeuronyxFond”+str(MyCount),0,0

I would like to have all the files (pictures) in the project, I prefer than to have a folder next to the app with all those files.

Edit : On Mac I can do
GetFolderitem("").Child(App.ExecutableFile.Name + “.app”).Child(“Contents”).Child(“Resources”).Child(“NeuronyxFond”+str(MyCount))
But on Windows?

At app.Open, create an array or a dictionary of all of your pictures.
Dim myPics(-1) As picture
myPic.append NeuronyxFond1
myPic.append NeuronyxFond2

then you can refer to the needed picture by array element
g.DrawPicture myPic(n), 0, 0

I believe this will be faster during execution than always accessing the pic from resources.

Thank you, but in fact I have 600 photos and the name are not File001.jpg, File002.jpg, etc.
They could be “MS-PA-N-PGN.jpg” or “LH-PA-G-PAG.jpg” etc.

Edit: In fact, I can list the content of the folder containing all the file, and use Excel or another app to add before each name "myPic.append ".
This is the only way ? No instruction in Xojo to do that ?

Don’t drag them into your project. Put them in a folder that you install with your project and use FolderItems to pull them in as needed.

I think I know how to do that on Mac (copy a folder inside the package of the app), but on Windows ?
My app will be Mac and Windows.

On Windows, create an Installer. InnoSetup is one option. There are others.

Items dragged into your project are conceptually global constants

Thank you for yours answers.