Access an applications sharedPrintInfo object without using plugging

Does anyone have any details of accessing an applications sharedPrintInfo object using declares. Unfortunately, I can’t use plug-ins for this project so MBS is out. I would like to do the equivalent of this AppleScript within Xojo:

use framework "Foundation"
use framework "Cocoa"
use framework "AppKit"

-- Calling an Objective-C class method:
on run {pLandscape, pPaperName, pWidth, pHeight, pTop, pLeft}
   set tSharedPrintInfo to current application's class "NSPrintInfo"'s sharedPrintInfo()

   tSharedPrintInfo's setLeftMargin:{pLeft}
   tSharedPrintInfo's setRightMargin:{pLeft}
   tSharedPrintInfo's setTopMargin:{pTop}
   tSharedPrintInfo's setBottomMargin:{pTop}
   tSharedPrintInfo's setOrientation:pLandscape
   tSharedPrintInfo's setVerticallyCentered:false
   tSharedPrintInfo's setHorizontallyCentered:true
   tSharedPrintInfo's setPaperSize:{width:pWidth, height:pHeight}
   tSharedPrintInfo's setPaperName:pPaperName

   current application's class "NSPrintInfo"'s setSharedPrintInfo:tSharedPrintInfo
end run