Access all / unexpected Webrequest Headers

From within HandleSpecialURL, is there any way to retrieve all of the request headers without knowing their names in advance? WebRequest.GetRequestHeader requires the name of the header to retrieve. My application is diagnostic in nature, I need to keep a log of all headers I receive, especially any that were unexpected.

Chay Wesley

Try Session.RawHeaders. It should contain what you’re after.

str = Session.RawHeaders

(In HandleSpecialURL you’ll need a WebSessionContext to access a session.)

There is never a browser involved… only an appliance that posts data to a HandleSpecialURL, so I think there is no session available for its connection, right?

AFAIK, HandleSpecialURL does not automatically create a session, so I don’t think you need to worry about that for what you’re doing.

I do not believe the WebRequest object gives you full request header access like the Session object does.