accepting cookies with htmlviewer

I’ve run into a situation with a desktop htmlviewer that requires that I accept cookies from a specific domain. Is there some documentation somewhere describing this procedure?

Mac? Win? Linux?

we have a couple of things in the MBS Plugin.

Mac in this case. I was looking at your plugins and wasn’t really understanding how NSHTTPCookieStorageMBS worked in conjunction with an htmlviewer. Sadly the example app doesn’t use one. I did figure out that if I set Safari to accept all cookies, the htmlviewer would connect. Would I be correct in that using NSHTTPCookieStorageMBS I could temporarily change cookie settings? And that those settings would affect all webkit-related stuff?

NSHTTPCookieStorageMBS gives access to the current user’s cookie storage.
It’s 1:1 the class from Apple, so you can read documentation from Apple.

you can of course modify cookies there if it helps your goal.

There’s really nothing magically about cookies… They’re sent in the HTTP header and you can store them anyway that makes sense to you and your software… Using the NS methods seems to give you access to the cookies that are already in Safari…