About the license

Not long ago, during the update, there was very nice and clear information about the rights to use the program. Everything was written very clearly, but when I read it I had not purchased a license. Now I have purchased a web license and I have doubts. I wish I was okay.

I’m the only one using xojo for web, and I have it installed on my win7 computer at work and my personal win10 laptop. I have 2 versions installed on my laptop and there is another update so I will have 3 versions because after the update the older versions will remain installed. Can I have 3 or more versions on one computer?

You can have several versions in your computer, if, by any chance, you have some activation problems, you can go online at Xojo Licence Manager and remove conflicts and adjust the activations to what your license type allows.

Current comparison:

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You can have any number of version in a single computer as long as the release date is prior to the expiration of the license. Licenses limits on activations are Per Device.