About icons in File Type Set

This conversation is about icons in File Type Set

  1. This is the secondnight that I’m sleeping like a baby and earlier today( far before 7:00), I woke up and decided to make a simple test.

The test is as follows:

Take an ICNS file, Add a File Type Set, Add an empty file type, Moves the ICNS file onto the Icon area of the File Type Set.
At last, complete the set if there is/are empty entries.

I nearly forgot: I used Xojo 2016r1.1 (for the people that are current) and 2015r1 (because this is my working version - I have a license to compile applications for this version).

So, similar file names for the two projects and here are the names and sizes:

ICNS 2015r1.xojo_binary_project 11,187,232Bytes ICNS 2016r1.1.xojo_binary_project 11,187,232Bytes


a. This is how Xojo works. Nay Sayers: do your own tests.

b. I was right in asking if there is a different way to include a full set icon.

c. Who makes this test before giving advice(s) to my question in the forum ?

And, at last, in this case, MY advice is to never add File Type Set Icons into the project until you are nearly ready to release the application.

I REPEAT: I populated all sizes of the Icon; that means:

1,024 x 1,024 512, 256, 128, 48 (32 bit), 48 (8 bit), 32 (32 bit), 32 (8 bit), 16 (32 bit), 16 (8 bit),

And… Icon and Mask !

The icns file size is 713KB (709,659Bytes).

PS: I apologize to all readers.

And, please, the next time someone give an advice, be sure it is a good one.