about computed properties and refactoring

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just intentional.

I add a public property Prop
I right click on it and convert it to a computed property.
A new ‘method’ is created with a get and a set the name of which is Prop
The old Prop still exists.
In previous versions the old Prop would still exist but it would be renamed to mProp.

Now I’m confused as to the validity of the Prop property as it has the same name as the Prop methods.
Is this correct and valid? because though the property name isn’t mProp the get and set refer to mProp.

I think its a bug. You will notice in the getter and setter the variable referred to is mProp. Just rename the property to mProp but I have noticed this bug.

It’s a bug. If you see this and immediately hit CMD/CTRL-Z to undo, it’ll get you to the correct state.

Interesting… the bug seems to have gone away now and I can’t reproduce it…
Are you guys doing autofixing of bugs in the ide? :slight_smile:

Remote bit fiddling :stuck_out_tongue: