About cables, chains and other curves…

When I first saw Propellerheads Reason interface years ago, I was mesmerised by the cabling system. It seemed so intuitive to connect devices with each other. I rebuilded such an interface in RealBasic and was very satisfied with it. Lataly, I stumbled on this old project and I decidided to give it a go in Xojo. It seemed like a good idea for an article on my blog.

Full source code and the article can be found at:
Alwaysbusy’s Corner

Wow, very cool!

Looks fantastic. Great work

That’s lovely. And thank you for using the correct math function for the shape of the hanging cables! It’s just about the only thing I remember from honors calculus in college.

Makes me feel like a complete beginner again. Seriously cool!

As usual, really great work.

Very Nice !