About 4K monitors to watch all properties of a Control


I know that 4K monitors are coming, but I do not want to have to buy one to compare the properties of two controls.

Yes, the Inspector pane does not stays at its last location when you choose another Control and come back to the previous…

In other words, even with a 1,920 x 1,080 piwels monitor, you need to scroll the ID pane to watch the whole set of Properties for a TextArea.

Unfortunately, you have to scroll down to see the bottom part if you choose to compare two objects, even if you place the cursor in the last field of the ID pane…


Am I alone on that one ?

I found a bug sometimes ago related to Real Studio projects with ListBox loaded into Xojo who does not have the properties set (in the ID pane) that appears in the same order we can watch with a brand new Xojo project.

I had to make a set of screen shots to get the whole list of properties for the ListBox TWO times. Fortunately or not, after some days, the bug was hard to get it reliable / a way to get the wrong order of properties each time I want to see them. I do not believed what I saw and I wanted to be able to compare the two sets of properties before asking help / issue a bug report. I failed.

So, I stopped to work on that project / the other project I created to display the problem because of that. I can show screen shots of the bad behavior but I am not able to display the behavior at will with Xojo.

Open two workspaces & put them side by side ?