Ability to set margins in TextArea

Would be great to have the ability to set margins at left, top, right and bottom of a TextArea.


I told you how to do it. Here’s a proof of concept:

Anther solution is to create your document with the correct margins and save it as rtf. Then load the rtf in your TextArea.

Not tested, but must works.

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Yes, I know that you told me how to do it, but it seems to me that it would be a lot easier if there was a setting built into xojo where you could just type in the margins. It was a suggestion for a future version.

The Mac OS includes API for managing margins, tabs and such, I dunno about Windows. Xojo don’t expose those API, so I would suggest using Xojo’s Feedback app to file a feature request.


Next time, set your title accordingly; something like:

Xojo: Add ability to set margins in TextArea.

In that case I would say nothing (“don’t hold your breath until the feature will be added”, maybe)

And, as usual, Sam is right.

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