Abandoned OfflineHelp folders


I was cleaning up my Macbook Air’s HD and I realized I had around 1GB of leftover OfflineHelp folders for all the versions of Xojo I’ve been using over the years.

I had folders for 20 or so versions of Xojo. Each with 20 to 90 MB.

I’m not complaining but seeing as how I’d missed it over the years, perhaps others might save some space by removing the ones they do’t need any more.

Location is ~/Library/Application Support/Xojo/Xojo/

This may have been common knowledge

Thanks for that heads-up. It wasn’t common knowledge here. :slight_smile:

Remember the precompiled plugins, etc at ~/Library/Caches/Xojo

Interesting… I have been using RealBasic/Studio/Xojo since 2006, and I just looked… and the only files that exist are for my current version of Xojo… not sure how or what may have cleaned it up… .or when for that matter.

WOW, i just had a look too.

My current licence ended at 2016r3 but i had files in there from 2013r1.

Deleting got me back 2.1GB, most surprising.

Thanks for the info.

I had about 900MB. Oddly, some of the older folders (2014, 2015) had modification dates of TODAY, which is weird. Deleted.

and it does not matter if you delete one DB file of a Xojo version you are using, Xojo will copy it back at launch :wink:

It’s weird. I checked two other machines I used to use and are now onto better pastures and they also had the files.

I’m obviously not complaining, I don’t mind it much, but it was surprising. And if you don’t have them then more so.

This might just be Mac OS and the Unix underneath. Modification dates for directories change if the contents change at all.

The Finder creates and updates invisible files within folder when you open those folders.

Modification dates of files are very reliable but for directories there are many caveats. For example, if you haven’t “viewed” that folder ever before then it’ll create some files to store metadata (what used to exist in resource forks pre-macos) and if you haven’t accessed a folder in the Finder in a few years it usually will update the folder’s metada with things that have changed over the years in how it’s handled.

Wow! Thanks for catching this!