A2 pages in dynapdf

I have a range of ‘selectable’ page sizes for PDF

[quote] select case theapp.pdfSetts.PageSize
case “A4”
nPDFPageSize= dynapdfmbs.kpfDIN_A4
case “A5”
nPDFPageSize= dynapdfmbs.kpfDIN_A5
case “A3”
nPDFPageSize= dynapdfmbs.kpfDIN_A3
case “Letter”
nPDFPageSize= dynapdfmbs.kpfUS_Letter
case else
nPDFPageSize= dynapdfmbs.kpfDIN_A4
end select[/quote]

and I use these constants to set the page size of a new document like this

 call pdf.SetPageFormat(nPDFPageSize)

But there doesnt seem to be an enumeration for A2 or A1 size… is there an undocumented value I can pass?
If not, does anyone know how to create an A2 ‘pdf area’ using other DynaPDF methods?

I am sorry, the A1 and A2 formats are not part of the enumeration.

So A3 is 842 by 1191.
A2 should be 1684 by 1191.
A1 should be 1684 by 2382.

Thanks Christian.

I have the point sizes.
What I am missing is how to set the page sizes ‘manually’ without using the enumerations. :slight_smile:
Im sure there will be a call (probably many that need to be combined) to do it, but Im confused by media size, bounding rectangles and so on.

SetPageWidth and SetPageHeight functions are there.