A web question, how to identify the owner of URL?

This is “sort of” off topic! :slight_smile:

I’m working on an analytic tool for the web.
I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea if the tool can verify that the URL is actually a property of the user.
Then, the analysis is slightly different… (the result, that is!)

There are plenty of tools out there doing these things. What kind of technique would you use?

For me, for this tool, it would be fine if only ONE page in the entire URL had this code, not every single page on the site.
So, it can be a “secret” page, it is fine.

<!-- OwnerSecretCode: 123123123123 -->

Maybe you have something better in mind!?

Hmm… A second thought…

Maybe I’ll just go for this one!? I mean, how difficult can it be!?
Sometimes just posting a question gives you the answer right away, in the post… and this moment is such moment!

However, maybe there are other ideas out there??

I rest my case…

Google and yahoo analytics both use that technique: the owner of the site has to put a secret code on the home page in meta tags.

The other way of doing it seems to be “verify you own the domain by having an email address on the domain” which a lot of Domain registrars use.

Yes… I know, I agree.
I was more interested in the kind of technique that they were using.

However, I think my alternative is better than META tags.
E-mail on the domain is not an option in this case since many domains may belong to other companies…
I mean, the web consultant may have clients and then, there is no point in having the consultants e-mail address on a clients web page!