A Very Disturbing Article

Hi All,

I have just been introduced to Xojo. I have been a Visual Foxpro developer for years. Just as I was getting ready to learn Xojo, I came across the article on the link below. Please could someone do a critic of it for me.

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Kayode Adeniyi

He has since changed his mind quite a bit from that rant.

Hi Kayode,

You have a full thread about that very article here: https://forum.xojo.com/13249-opinions-on-this-blog

Some of the entries in your link are a result of that thread, if I am not mistaken.

Anyway, since you can use Xojo for free as long as you want, why don’t you try it and see for yourself if it’s up to your needs?

Welcome to the community, by the way.


The author seems to be a terribly troubled soul. Also, he has a quaint, pedestrian grasp of relative “power” of computer languages. I’m mostly convinced it was a horribly unsuccessful attempt at humor.

I can understand the desire to take a blog at face value. However you should investigate whether the tool fulfills your needs as opposed to someone else’s.

Hey, I saw it on the internet. It MUST be true…

are you still dating the French Model you met online :slight_smile:

Absolutely the bottom line here. See if that Seattle based business will let you use their IP for a year without buying their product. I dont think so.

As a reasonably “new kid on the block” I can understand where you are coming from. I can promise you that you will not find any other forum like the Xojo forum. The people here are great and always willing to help, even if you dont agree with things people say that seems to be put to one side and people still help each other. I know it sounds cheesy (English expression) but it really is like a family with everyone supporting each others developments and ideas, suggestions and complaints. Even the top-brass at Xojo Inc get involved with discussions and do listen to what people say.

Like the others have suggested, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. I did and have not looked back, plus the Webinars that are done each week are a godsend and you can ask Paul questions about what you have learned etc and he is totally willing to help you out as much as he possibly can as do all the other Xojo Inc staff who frequent the forum.

Good that people are most helpfull.
But it’s kinda true that it’s not a tool that “has it all” unfortunately.

[quote=106174:@Derk Jochems]Good that people are most helpfull.
But it’s kinda true that it’s not a tool that “has it all” unfortunately.[/quote]

No tool has it all, to my knowledge. Each tool has some things and misses others. Be specific functionality, ease of use or community.

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Except for Total Commander by Ghisler. Still miss it hardly on my Mac. Not even Pathfinder and Forklift 2 can compete with Total Commander. I have to use a combination of Forklift 2, Pathfinder and Transmit to accomplish what i did on Windows with just Total Commander.
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[quote=106174:@Derk Jochems]Good that people are most helpfull.
But it’s kinda true that it’s not a tool that “has it all” unfortunately.[/quote]

Art doesn’t depend on the paintbrush; rather, the artist :slight_smile: Xojo’s abilities are only limited to the creativity and perseverence of the developer. Xojo gives you unlimited colors of paint and an everlasting paintbrush. Where there is a will, there is a way. Although it doesnt support iOS (yet) or Android (if ever?), Xojo still helps me tremendously in developong for these platforms already (even building native system libraries). There is always room for improvement and bug fixes, but no other development environment has what Xojo has; and Xojo cuts development time majorly!