A unique time to remember

3.14 15 9:26:53

Have a nice Pi day folks!

sorry but the pie has wrong digits …

[quote=174360:@jean-yves pochez]sorry but the pie has wrong digits …
Every party needs a “pooper”! ^^
Or, as my wife says to me, “Don’t confuse the issue with facts, Jean-Yves!” ^^


And the reason is because I am not the cook. :slight_smile:

The owner of that pie fixed it cutting and eating that slice first and faking that the missing digits were there before.

And… good catch, I liked the fact of you noticing it.

anyway it’s a nice Pi pie … :wink:
I remember the first 50 pi digits since … some 40 years and I never forgot them
so it litterally popped out to me that there something that is wrong with this pie …
bon appetit !

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