A small complaint

a small complaint and I hope everyone saves their projects very well
Note: I only comment on XOJO WEB (I have not tried the other products)
I don’t know English so this is with Google Translate

I am developing a very big project

This is the second time I comment on XOJO
and it is the second time that I say that here in XOJO there are things that are SCARY to use"
How is it possible that such a “good” product
It has childish and very fatal errors, very, very bad.
The following happens to me several times
inside a container I try to move by dragging with the mouse
a simple weblabel (width=20 height=20), and that weblabel is inside a webrectangle, and it gives me a fatal error, and XOJO closes.
For this reason, from time to time I save and save what I am developing at that moment.
but hooooo surprise today, exactly the same thing happened to me
and I open my program and lol how can it be, one of my main containers was 100% lost, with months, with a lot of work effort, with many lines of code, in this container alone I have an average of 5000 lines of code to date. code.

Obviously I have a copy and from there I rescue everything
but this is the second time I’m AFRAID TO USE XOJO

but in general I am very happy that XOJO exists, and yes, if I am satisfied with XOJO, I consider it to be a good one. but only that concept until today
“it’s good” only up to there “good”

but it could be one of the best
If I could rate XOJO WEB I would give it a 7.5
and if with this 7.5 you can do wonderful things, imagine
when they are close to 10. wooooow thanks XOJO

I am combining it with XOJOCLOUD, and yes, I do recommend it,
I give XOJOCLOUD a 10, to this day.

una pequeña queja y espero que todos guarden sus proyectos muy bien
nota: yo coemnto solo de XOJO WEB( los demas productos no los he probado)
no se ingles asi es de que esto esta con traductor de google

estoy desarrolando un proyecto muy grande

es la seguna vez que opino sobre XOJO
y es la seguna vez que digo que aqui en XOJO hay cosas que dan MIEDO utilizarlas"
como es posible que un producto tan “bueno”
tenga errores infatiles y muy fatales, ,muy pero muy malos.
varias veces me pasa lo siguiete
dentro de un contanedor trato de mover arrastrando con el raton
un simple weblabel (width=20 height=20 ), y ese weblabel esta dentro de un webrectangle , y me marca un error fatal, y se cierra XOJO.
por este motivo de vez en cuando guardo y guardo lo que voy desarrollando en ese instante.
pero hooooo sorpresa de hoy, me paso exactamente lo mismo
y abro mi programa y jejejeje como puede ser, se perdio al 100% uno de mis contenedores principales, con meses, con mucho esfuerzo de trabajo, con muchas lineas de codigo, solo en este contenedor tengo promedio hasta el dia de hoy 5000 lineas de codigo.

obiamente tengo una copia y de alli rescato todo
pero es la segunda vez que me da MIEDO UTILIZAR XOJO

pero en general estoy muy contento de que exista XOJO, y si , si estoy satisfecho con XOJO ,considero que es un bueno. pero solo ese concepto hasta hoy
“es bueno” solo hasta alli “bueno”

pero podria ser uno de los mejores
si pudiera calificar XOJO WEB yo le daria un 7.5
y si con este 7.5 se pueden hacer cosas maravillosas imaginen
cuando esten cerca del 10. wooooow gracias XOJO

yo lo estoy combinando con XOJOCLOUD, y si, si lo recomiendo,
XOJOCLOUD le doy un 10, hasta el dia de hoy.

I haven’t done much work with Xojo Web, but on Desktop projects I notice that after a crash Xojo has been pretty good about recovering an autosaved version of my project. Is this the case on web as well?

I don’t know what platform you’re developing on, but I have a far smoother experience using Xojo on Mac. While I am a hardcore Windows user for other things, I’ve made the move to an M2 Mac Studio for Xojo development because it just works better. I understand it’s not reasonable to expect anyone to run out and buy into a whole new computing platform just for one application, but if you’re experiencing a lot of crashes and quirks on Windows, just be aware that there is benefit to using it on Mac instead.


Hi, I guess you are using Windows or Linux as I work with Mac and Xojo Web (Web1 for more than 5 years and Web2 since before the first release) everyday and I have never seen a Fatal Error.

The only thing I can say is, if you find something that you can reproduce open an Issue, specify your computer specs and maybe Xojo can find the problem.

Hola, me imagino que trabajas en Windows o Linux ya que yo uso Mac y Xojo Web (Web1 por mas de 5 años y Web2 desde antes del primer release) todos los días y nunca he tenido un Error Fatal.

Lo único que puedo decir es que si puedes reproducir el problema abre un Issue, especifica las versiones/equipo que usas y tal vez Xojo pueda encontrar el problema.

@sortugado_nacalle ,

please tell the operating system and Xojo version, it helps friends here figuring what can go wrong.

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Out of… 100?

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Out of 10, it’s the last thing OP mentions

Ah, ok. I could “understand” otherwise.

I guess you have a Xojo Web License so I will recommend learning to use ‘version control’ even if you are the only user.

Me imagino que tienes una licencia Xojo Web por lo menos, te recomiendo que aprendas a usar los sistemas de Git para el ‘control de versiones’ aun cuando seas el único usándolo.

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We have a Xojo web 2.0 project, HUGE. but we don’t see so much issues, then again we don’t have control on control on control. Just try to think KISS (keep it simple …) it would help your dev time, and your issues.

For examlpe a rectangle, skip them if you can (use a background color or such via code or container control but not more than 1 layer.
It’s always possible to do things differently, i know there are issues but it’s much better than it was.


Could you pease create a new case using Issues? Including the operating system, the version of Xojo you’re using and the steps to reproduce the crash.

If you can include a sample project, that would make it easier to discover what’s wrong.

¿Podrías crear una incidencia en Issues? Incluyendo el sistema operativo, la versión de Xojo que estás utilizando y los pasos que tenemos que seguir para reproducir el problema.

Si pudieras incluir un proyecto de ejemplo, nos facilitará encontrar lo que está haciendo que el programa se cierre.


All I can say based on my limited experience with Xojo Web App development is that crashing of the app is going to happen, it is simply part of development life cycle. I wish Xojo was free of bugs but that is not the case. So, in the meantime it is good to report bugs to Xojo engineers and at the same time keep backups. I work off Git repository, try to save and check in any change as often as possible, ideally trying to be as granular about changes as possible.

If that helps I can only say that you should focus on positive side of things and let the Xojo guys handle fixing Xojo stuff, keep them informed, provide code samples (if applicable) and have some faith in them. Life is too short to waste on complaining about things that are beyond our control. Enjoy the day.

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You are part of the “Control”, so it’s not beyond. Xojo is part of the fixing and QA of this interactive wheel. If you start the efforts already giving up, then reporting errors would not be necessary, and you should not buy a license, and should move to a warm beach and to live there from crafting, done only when you got hungry. :smile:

Rick, I can only stay for few days on the beach doing nothing, however pleasant it is, I prefer doing things. I wish I could understand more of what is behind Xojo, but let’s face it, it is impossible for anyone to know everything, hence we need to share the work load. I am simple humble guy trying to make the living and the Xojo happens to be the tool I am using at the moment. If I can help to improve the tool by providing useful feedback - I will do, but ultimately it is in Xojo engineers domain to prioritize and deliver, I can only have faith in them that they know what is appropriate. My domain is about using Xojo to put some smiles on other people faces.

Still, the idea of going to a warm place and doing nothing for a while is not a bad one :wink:

At some extent, Xojo is a collaborative effort. We MUST complain. We must report. They must fix things. We get happy when they deliver, they get happy when we are happy. :wink:

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NUNCA dejes de tener miedo. En el momento que el miedo pasa, olvidas hacer algun respaldo y pierdes dias de trabajo.