a Searchbar control

rdsSEARCHBAR is a custom class that provides a modified TextField like control for your Xojo™ projects. This class has been tested under macOS Mojave (10.14.6) and Windows 10. It should work with Linux, but I do not have the resources to do so.

rdsSEARCHBAR is compatible with both HI-DPI and Darkmode.
It supports most (but not all) of the events and properties of the standard Textfield control, with one additional event.

keyENTER - returns the current input string when the user presses [ENTER]

Addtional (or modified) properties include

  • placeHolder (same as cueText for a Textfield)
  • searchText (the current contents of the control)

rdsSEARCHBAR requires eight(8) icon images (included). These are for
the Magnifing Glass and Clear icons. There are @1x and @2x versions
in both Lite and Dark modes.

The DEMO version of rdsSEARCHBAR contains an encrypted version and will ONLY run within the IDE, and cannot be compiled.

The unencrypted source code is available by sending $15.00(US) to www.rdS.com/donate.html

Demo code (encrypted) at www.rdS.com/rdsSearchbar.zip

I think I must investigate into this Searchbar control, because I developed a project where it would be very useful.

Can it be used in web app Sir Dave?

I honestly do not know… but perhaps. I don’t do web so I can’t be sure. But Webapps arlready have a similar control

@Immanuel Cristobal
Xojo documentation: WebSearchField