A script to combine helper apps?

I have this desktop app which has grown quite big on Windows as it uses a lot of console helper apps, each currently included in its own frameworks subfolder. They are collected in a build copy file step.

It would be much nicer to combine them in just one subfolder to have them use only one set of Xojo console frameworks.
Each helper has at least one foreign API framework included, so their framework folders should be merged and not only overwritten by the last.

The bad thing: IDE and build Scripting are two of the corners of Xojo where I did not collect much experience.
Could someone please guide me to a good starting point for this topic?

In the past I was responsible for releasing product to 39 banks each with their own custom configurations and utilities in addition to the main product.

I used Rake (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rake_(software)) to do it. I found it very easy to define dependencies between tasks and there was a lot of code out there because other people had done similar things with it.

As long as all your helpers are compiled with the same version of Xojo then you can simply copy all the helpers into one folder & let the various dll’s overwrite each other to assemble on giant folder full of helpers & their DLL’s

BUT if they are not then do NOT do this

An IDE script that simply invokes xcopy should do this quite nicely

Excellent! I was hoping for such a simple solution!
Thanks a lot!