A Question about styles.

I am trying to make a custom listbox for my application
I subclassed WebListBox and have added a method called RowStyle

Sub RowStyle(row as integer, assigns style as WebStyle) dim i as integer for i=0 to me.ColumnCount-1 if style = idleCellStyle then if i=0 then me.CellStyle(row, i) = idleCellStyleLeft elseif i=me.ColumnCount-1 then me.CellStyle(row, i) = idleCellStyleRight else me.CellStyle(row, i) = idleCellStyle end if else me.CellStyle(row, i) = style // I'm going to have to do this for each 'type' of style.. end if next i End Sub

The idleCellStyle left and right are identical to idleCellStyle except
Left has rounded top, bottom corners of 11.
Same with Right.

However the ListBox looks odd…
The right cell is truncated and looks crappy.

If you’re going to try things like this, you need to get really familiar with Chrome’s Developer Tools --> Elements panel to sort this stuff out. I wonder what might happen here if you had a 4th column, width 4 to 8, and just kept it empty.

Perhaps I should have tried another browser to see if there was any difference.
I tried this on the latest FireFox.