A perhaps unexpected compliment to Xojo

I am new to programming and am deciding between Xojo and another platform that claims ease of use. I’ve been lurking for days now reading.

lol I think i know a great deal that is wrong with your system from reading complaint threads and seeing them blossom for so long. At first I must say they put me off, Flickering windows, perhaps a little too mac centric, printing issue etc. Then I spent some time at the other platforms community and mostly all I could hear was it does everything. Imagination is the only limit (only every time I looked RB/Xojo apps looked far more advanced) and I began thinking

I am loving that I know where the problems may be with Xojo. I know your mods may be challenged but I lean toward Xojo now because I know where the issues may be. I know the some will roll their eyes and say “stupid newb” but I PREFER to have the issues out there and known. It beats the tar out of a community that just rubber stamps everything even when there are clear issues - at least that way when you find a possible set of solutions to problems you know may exist its less likely as a newb you will hit a wall that you never saw coming.

So yes threads get locked (but as fa r as I can se’e there are slow triggers quite a few of the times) and temper rise but thanks for being a community not simply made up of fan boys but one that can point out lacks without trying to hide everything and pretending even when things are pointed out that everything is peaches and creme. It makes a difference to one newb.

Welcome to the Xojo community :slight_smile:

Welcome and if you can make it, see you in Las Vegas in ten weeks!