A New Level of Internet "Security"

You will all have heard the analysis that humanity has entered a branch of reality that was not meant for usage. Here is another clue:
Windows intercepts Chrome and Firefox installers

“Microsoft Edge is not doing so well despite the fact that it is the default web browser on Windows 10.”
When this intercepting of installation really lands in an official release, it looks like unsporting behavior of this dominant party.

I think that this will land them in hot water in the EU. As it should.

It will land them in hot water with me for sure. Please Xojo, fix all those Linux bugs!

That’s naughty. It’s funny when you’re watching an azure tech presentation (from memory it was about that) and the presenter stops mid presentation and says something like “Sorry, I have to switch to Chrome now as it works there”

Ahh, butterbot.

Technically, it is more secure if nothing works with it…