A new, and mysterious window appears…

I do not know how I was able to display that window nor from where it comes nor its purpose:

I was adding code to a project (I wrote head_idx) when that window appears.

Help !

PS: The running environment is
Latest El Capitan
Xojo 2015r1.

Your typing has gone into a finder window.
It has located code that contains head_ldx in the xojo project and is displaying it for you.

Click the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and just type
Dim X
to see it in action…

This is the Spotlight screen.
You must have (accidentally) pressed the Command key and the space bar at the same time before you entered the text head_idx.

Thank you Jeff.

So, we can make searches into Xojo Binary Projects ?

I was so surprised that I do not saw the small “Finder” icon (bottom left of my screen shot above).

This happens to me sometimes when I am in the Finder, but this is really a new thing for me in Xojo.

You hit CMD-SPACE while typing and your next characters went into the Spotlight search field.

What is displayed in your image is not a binary project. That looks like “xojo_project” text format.

No, a xojo_window… and when I read the name part, it seems to be one of mine. A search for xojo_window returns 35 items, some of them comes from Xojo itself.

Thank you all.

BTW: I never press cmd-space while editing code in Xojo (since 2013 ?) and I do that twice in a few years !

Emile, I mean when you save, you have 3 options for format: binary, xml and xojo_project (text). A *.xojo_window file is not binary.

OK Tim.