A move to Windows 10

A customer moved to Windows 10 and complained about the Xojo apps he’s running which looked blurry and low resolution on a high resolution screen.
After some research I figured out that he was using 125% ( = medium) character size , which is more or less the standard in Win7 and 8.
In Windows 10 Microsoft blows up the entire view rather than just the text-items if you justify this setting. I’ve read somewhere that this is just the preparation for running on tablets soon. Hmmm …
Going back to 100%, which brought back the original look and feel to his applications, was no option for him since text was just too small. The only option he had was lowering down his screen resolution, which was also not the ultimo satisfaction.
Meanwhile I have seen some third party tools that could solve the problem by changing some registry settings after every boot. Bah… :frowning:
This is just one little thing with Windows 10. Curious if there are more things we need to warn our end-users for when they think about migrating ?