A long overdue community thank you

I was going through old posts this morning and I started creating a list of helpful members. After the first 20 names, I realized that the list would be ludicrously large.

I want to share my sincerest thank you to every member of the Xojo world - whether you’ve posted a question that caused discussion or provided a direct answer to questions asked by all of us, it’s this community that further proves that a smaller, well heeled group of friends is a much better resource than all of the Stack overflow member out there. Whether the question is a simple noobie “how to” to a deeper Declare request, or just a chat about music and books, the Xojo community members are the best in the development world.

It reminds me of the early usenet news groups of comp.lang.c and comp.lang.forth.

To all of you that make the forum and Xojo such a great environment - Thank You!