A little issue that you can be bitten by

{nil,“ErrorCode”, “Int32”,REALconsoleOnly, REALstandardGetter,REALnoImplementation, FieldOffset(MPImageFilterData, ErrorCode)},

Using Int32 together with REALstandardGetter is a no go, it will go to the Xojo’s ObjectGetter mechanism and generate hard crash there.

So I am assuming that the REALstandardGetter and REALstandardSetter don’t know “Int32” or “Int64” at all.

I know. REALstandardGetter will try to lock/unlock values as it thinks it’s an object.

See case 21100 for double values which also does not work well.

Thanks I signed onto it.

I didn’t know about the double Value, it may be that I never have actual StandardGetter on them. (Or that I got a bug somewhere that I don’t know of !)