A little humour in my app

Hey all,

Over the last few weeks I have been developing a personal application to use in my workshop (I’m a hobbyist Luthier). I am also relatively new to xojo.

I do occasionally get stuck, and do my best to work it out myself using the language reference and google / youtube. if that fails I will try and improvise something, If that fails, I will log on here and ask you fine people for a helping hand.

I was having a little problem, On my main window there is a canvas with a nice image of a guitar. When I maximized the window I couldn’t figure out how to swap the image in the canvas for another of the same but larger image so it fills the screen.

Doing my usual, “If I cant figure it out, Improvise!” and this is what I came up with.

As you can see, my main image stays the same size whilst the window is maximized. I have another image that is a lot bigger but cannot figure out how to implement it when I maximize the window. Hence my attempt at silly humour.

I dont mind keeping it like this as it is a personal application, but if anyone could lend a helping hand I would greatly appreciate it.


as example in the paint event you do

var pic As Picture = ...

That is exactly what I needed!

Thank you for the help Markus.