A little humor for those who have had to fix someone's computer...

So you know how it goes… people find out you know something about technology (computers, TVs, networking, whatever) and suddenly you turn into a mythic superhero…


That is awesome, I love it! (I will now post it to my Twitter feed and pretend I found it)

Lol… excellent video.

Excellent. And now I’ve taken it as my own.

mmmmmmm jello salad :slight_smile:

Do they let you out of Alberta very often, Norman? Are you going to need a chaperon in Las Vegas? :slight_smile:

Bringing my wife - all the chaperone I need :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank goodness for iChat … I can perform my Hero Duties on my moms computer from 50 miles away, and no danger of being exposed to her Jello Salad as an after-effect :slight_smile:

How do you get the plug out of the wall then back in ???

I like my mom’s jello salad :stuck_out_tongue:

A very long cord???

For the out part maybe.
But putting it back in ? Long arms ?
If I had arms that long I wouldn’t have to drive to work, or the store :stuck_out_tongue:

Norman… you just don’t get it :slight_smile:
Once the plug is pulled all the power shuts down… the computer quits… taking iChat with it.
“Hello? Mom? you there? Ok… guess she solved it herself… Bye” :smiley:

Hard to be “the hero” then since that seemed to require plugging it back in to restore “The Google”

If she’s like my 90-year old Mom, she thinks “The Google” is a character akin to Big Bird in some kids’ show