A little Gem in Xojo 2015r4!

As probably all of you already know, Xojo 2015r4 is mostly a maintenance release… but reading the Release Notes, I found this little Gem in the form of a new property for the Canvas Class: CharacterSpacing.

This permits more control over the text (applied in a Canvas, of course) and widely opens the kind of things we can do as developers.

I wrote a post where you can see how easy it’s to use… and the effect it has over the text.


Yep but there’s one more gem: CGFloat !
That saves time for declares and make it more easy to code.

The best gem is web textalign. It is amazing how this simplify’s projects.


unfortunately, I do not read Spanish.

Thank you !

Emile, yep… that’s why I put the GIF showing what it does. The text simply describes the feature among other 2015r4 niceties and introduces some tipographic concepts! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Google Translate Spanish -> French

Javier: the GIF allows the understanding.

Tim: since my old MacBook die, I have troubles translating between languages. It have a screen with accessories including a WordTrans feature that was a real gem.

(WorldTrans ? If my memory is correct)

OS X Dictionary is good for single words.

Google Translate has become usable IMHO. And it does not require any plugin.

To add one more item to the topic of this thread:
For me, the biggest present is that the description field is finally working. I often find myself searching my own documentation for a certain method or the meaning of its parameters. Having the description available saves me a lot of time.

The downside of text align is that once you open a web project in R4 you will not be able to compile it again in a previous version of Xojo. The compiler will choke on the new textAlign parameter. You can’t delete it either since it’s an invisible IDE added property and not something thats just in code.

Going backwards isn’t good idea. I’ve never trusted it.

That’s not entirely true. If you save your project as text format, you can remove it.

Being able to open in an old version of the IDE has never been a design goal.
It’s been a wonderful happenstance that it mostly worked

But from time to time there are things that get added that old versions do NOT handle properly
Thats not a bug in the current version but in the old version NOT skipping the things it doesn’t recognize
But we dont go back in time & patch those things or patch old versions

So from time to time you do run into these things
And there are definitely things in R4 that, if you set them up in R4, will NOT survive being opened in older versions
And that will impact your project possibly making unintended changes
File type and images are on that list

Sometimes I have to refrain myself to NOT going forward (as soon as possible…) and wait until I do not read bad comments or bug that happens or hardware failure or…