A Littkle Program I made With Xojo

Any comments or suggestions welcome.

Here is the file, I made it in Xojo windows version.


screenshot and description?


@Dave_Esler not many (at least not me) will download “something”, without knowing what it is all about. A small trojan? A small keylogger? Really a xojo app, or something else? Add to that list a small typo in your title - this all leads to the little appetite for most seasoned colleagues to click your download link :wink: .


By the way I have blocked all filesharing clouds like google drive, onedrive, wetransfer etc. in my firewalls. The No1. Download source for payloads.

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A short description: A program that is a simplified list of things you would like to buy or services you would like to purchase. Real simple. I added preferences, and the windows remember their positions, also the positions of listbox1 on the main window. Double click the categories to just get the items in the category, double click show all to get the entire list of records.

The data autoloads on startup. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

i made a similar app in past but less for wishes.
i input my income and all (circa 50) outgoings for each of the 12 months.
and it sum all up monthly to see if my account balance go up or down until the end of year.

your top priority should be a good paid job or a rich wife :wink:

you could add icons, and enable dotted lines in listview.

your top priority should be a good paid job or a rich wife :wink:

Keep dreaming…

Enterprises search low paid employees and rick women search richer husband :frowning:

Does not works on my High Sierra.

What works are bicolored alternate Row colours…

could be that the screenshot was example wishes.

good paid jobs still exist and woman which have a own company too.
old saw: you can’t have all

A few ideas:

  • Add App Icon
  • Format Header
  • Format currency value to show 2 digit suffix
  • Adding a toolbar
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Right Align Column with currency (Cost, Cost To),

Button fill listbox: Title case / who knows what a ListBox is ? Not your user.

The two ListBox Headers are not ListBox Headers.

Just looking a second time to your screen shot.

Thank you for your comments.

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I thought I was using listbox headers. What is the difference, or is it an issue with how windows displays the listbox headers?

The horizontal line suggestion took a few minutes to like it, but now I do. Thanks for that suggestion. I noticed it was something new in xojo.

This is what the main window looks like now.

you could try alternate row colors and LinearGradientBrush window background.
plus custom list header background paint.

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