A geek is born

Well - if you sleep with a geek it’s a coin toss.

…or if you sleep with a normal person you might only get 50% geek.

Define “normal” :smiley:


Congratulations Alwyn!

Well done!

Here’s hoping that all functions work better than the last bit of code I wrote!



proc spawn
dim id as integer
id = fork()
if id = 0 then
end if
end proc

Congratulations Alwyn.
I hope all is well with the new mother too.
Enjoy the time with your child.

Congrats Alwyn, all the best!!

Well, congrats… on either the new delivery, or the awkward situation which everybody is congratulating you on the false assumption by posting this comic… in which case, congrats on that! :slight_smile:

LOL! I initially assumed he had just posted a cartoon but then everybody started congratulating him and as Alwyn didn’t quash the rumor, he’s now officially a proud new father, whether he likes it or not!

Initially my intention wasn’t to announce a newborn (just thought it to be cool comic), but since my first son was born 9 weeks ago, and the excitement of being a dad for the first time hasn’t subsided yet, I’ll take in all the congrats :wink:

Congrats Alwyn - I took this as a cartoon sharing event. Enjoy them every day. They grow like weeds. The next milestone is when you get them off the payroll :smiley:


Congratulations and enjoy him.

What you have to look forward to. :-))


Hey but it is not so bad. I think my son has “the knack” too.


Lol, awesome. Maybe he’ll soon develop “The Knack” for Xojo :wink:

:slight_smile: Gongrats

You will be using the GOTO statement more often and soon from now then?

GOTO “your room”
GOTO “bed”