a conversation I had...

this is way off topic and I probably shouldnt post it.

a friend of mine is a VP of a retail company and deals with the web side of the business. He is working with a DBA for load testing to prepare for the holiday sales. Now the DBA doesnt work for him but for another group. So he really doesnt know the DBA well.

quote 1:
DBA: I didnt think tables could get bigger than 100gig.

quote 2:
DBA: Hey this multimillion row tables doesnt have any indexes on it. And I am not sure if I should put any on it due to performance issues of using Indexes.

quote 3:
DBA: my table clean up job caps out of fifty thousand rows.
VP: how many rows do we add daily?
DBA: quarter million or so.
VP: How often do you run the clean up job?
DBA: once a week. we dont want to impact the database.
VP: really? when do you think the database will be cleaned up? you only delete fifty thousand a week but add roughly two million. The math doesnt add up.
DBA: Oh, I never did the math.

after I got off the phone with my friend, I was laughing so hard I was crying. I thought some of you might see some of the humor in it.

have a good afternoon!

is there a way to dislike the DBA ?


that person based on this is not qualified to be a DBA…
50K rows (heck 2 million rows) is chump change to any decent database (I assume its not SQLite running on a Mac Mini)

That depends entirely on what the ‘A’ in ‘DBA’ stands for.

If it is ‘Apathetic’, then I’d say he’s extremely qualified.

Oh dear lord.

You called for me? :slight_smile: