a bit off topic - Xcode

Just installed Yosemite (and so far regretting it)… But Xcode acts strange. I have 3 monitors connected.
If I open TWO projects, and move the window of one project to another monitor, then click on that window… it goes full screen AND turns OFF the other two monitors… then I have to figure how to get control back again.

If I put different apps on each monitor, everything works as expected…

turns out its NOT “XCode”… but Yosemite changed what the “GREEN BALL” does! (I don’t like it :frowning: )

Yepp, green ball is fullscreen in Yosemite.
However, hold down Alt while pressing it and it will act like previous systems. :slight_smile:

You can also double click the title bar instead of Option + Click the green ball.

or better yet :slight_smile: There is a free app called “Better Touch Tools” that puts it back the way it was…
What I’d like to know… is what % of users would be useing FullScreen, vs MaxWindow? I NEVER clicked that double arrow head before…


Usually I prefer max window.
I only use full screen when running Windows with Parallels.