A better, open forum for discussion?

Is there an external, not massively moderated forum for real Xojo discussion and criticism that exists? After seeing thread after thread being locked for ridiculous reasons because it dare makes a criticism against Xojo as a company or product I’m curious if there’s an active forum outside of here to use as its pretty ridiculous how heavily moderated this place is?


I’m unable to post the link due to the word being blocked and it being a possible rule break.

Google xojo forum, check about the 4th link.


I’m sorry you think that about the forum, but I disagree that it’s “massively moderated”. The non-Xojo Inc moderators do it in our free time, in an attempt to encourage a healthy community. I’m on several other forums, and they’re all far stricter than here. No-one wants to lock threads and so on, it’s not a fun thing to do, but this is primarily a user-to-user community, helping each other be productive in Xojo. There are many better ways to yell at Xojo Inc, including the Feedback app or simply emailing them. You might not always get the outcome you want (that’s true for the moderators too, believe me) but yelling at each other on here won’t help. This is a pretty decent community. I’d like it to stay that way, so sometimes we lock threads as we can see how they’re going to end. That’s it.


Why was this thread locked then? Stop whinging and support Xojo - #34 by Gavin_Smith

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Justin, I’ve replied to your PM. There’s not much more to say than my post above.

You can always check out the XojoUsers email reflector. I run it. It was a replacement for the NUG email group Xojo used to have after they killed it. It doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but I welcome any and all discussions.

See this post:

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The answer to those “better” ways is usually, No one ever has complained about that, so you must be wrong in somenting or not understanding how things work. And without a REAL forum users had to believe what they are officially told. (Read many complains about that in other forums)

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Have you really closed the above mentioned Thread, just because you “think you know” people would later post something unpleasant? Really?

So now, in this Forum we do not only close Threads with undesirable Posts, but also Threads which could lead to undesirable Posts?

As a non-native english speaker i feel more and more the need to stop posting in this Forum because a misunderstanding of a post of mine could lead to a closed Thread or even a ban… :frowning:


I am so happy not being a moderator :slight_smile:


To be fair, there is a good amount of historical precedence. And it is often the same people moving from a reasoned critique of the platform to ad hominem attack.


Sure, but judging before something has been done is very strong…

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Norman Palardy created a forum about Xojo, but I don’t know if still active and why he created it. I don’t know neither why he’s not anymore in Xojo team.
Norman was active on the forum and help people. Maybe he was too much active in the forum and not enough in developing?
We don’t know the reasons, but as humans we try to guess them when we are witness of trouble. Sometimes wrong guess give wrong idea.
Some members here are active against Xojo, I don’t understand why they are so critics. But personally I would not accept to be to much often criticise about my work.

Note 1 : I’m satisfy with Xojo but I know as a hobbyist me needs are less.
Note 2 : I’m not english speaker and I hope I wrote what I wanted to say.

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I have voiced my reservations about Xojo, but truth is, it has been allowing me to earn my way along the past two decades.

I frankly don’t understand some people never ending complaints. They should probably look for other development tools :slight_smile:


The usual suspects turning up again………

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There’s been plenty of things I’ve been displeased with over the years but I can’t recall ever publicly getting angry about it. In the past I’ve had lengthy discussions with Geoff about various things but rather than just heaping criticism I made a point of offering suggestions on how I thought they could be improved.

At one point I spent many, many hours creating written and graphical notes in an effort to demonstrate I was seriously trying to be constructive. I believe this is a better route than simply trying to shout displeasure to the biggest crowd you can find.

They haven’t been able to progress to where I’d like but look at what they’ve had to contend with in the past 5 or so years. iOS, Android, Web, 64 bit and M1. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but XOJO has allowed me to write apps I never imagined would be possible.

I don’t think we need an alternative form for ‘open’ discussion - maybe just make the discussion civil and constructive and there’ll be no reason for anyone to take offence.


all this blah blah blah, the same over and over again is getting wery YAAAWN :tired_face: (Yawn - Wikipedia)

Somethimes I wonder if people get anything done…


That NUG was repeated on the web by “Some Other Guy” (the whole NUG messages were repeated…).

I never understand why.

Perhaps threads of this nature should be moved to Off-Topic.

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I’ve checked out the “other” forum, and saw that it was largely populated with people who used to post here, but could never voice their opinions without taking snide swipes at the Xojo staff or other forum members. Good riddance, IMO. My experience here is that no matter how critical you may be of some bug of lack of feature, the topic will never be locked as long as you keep it objective. It’s when the troublemakers start making personal attacks that the discussion gets locked.


Most people write responses that get flagged (or should) in a moment of anger (rage?). A great tip that a wise man I worked for years ago gave me was …
If you wrote something inflammatory, personally insulting or otherwise could be perceived as attacking, then wait until the following morning before you hit the “Send” button. It’s a well-proven fact that “time out” often makes a difference … certainly in the level of anger. And before you hit that “Send” button, ask yourself if you were on the receiving end of your message, would it motivate you to make positive change or just make you angry and defensive. If the answer is the latter of those two, then challenge yourself to modify the content of your message accordingly to the point where you feel it will have a positive outcome. Criticism can still have a positive outcome if presented in the right way. There was an old Kinko’s commercial here that said it best … “It’s all in the way you present your message.”

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