A better definition

BASIC implies Briskly Achieve Solutions Impossible in C.

It feels like “impossible” is the wrong word. Impractical? Improbable? Impenetrable?

I think Impractical is most appropriate as C would take much longer (If I knew it ;))

  • Karen

inextricable ?

Brilliant Application Solutions in Computing?

Very true: nothing is impossible in C.

No offense, but how would you know as in the same sentence you say you don’t know C.

Depends on the developer.

Can be achieved with any programming language.

Redefining the acronym BASIC might be fun, but please note that BASIC developers will never get recognition from C developers. If you’re after that just forget it – or at least get rid of the DIM statement first…

[quote=305971:@Eli Ott]No offense, but how would you know as in the same sentence you say you don’t know C.

I have been exposed to it… in fact years ago I tried to teach it to myself … had no trouble with the concepts as I had come across most before in other languages … but my brain just could not read the syntax… looking at pages of C code causes it to freeze up!

That said, I would be bet for the most common types of code people write, using a higher level (more abstracted from the nitty gritty) language, writing less buggier code would be faster, and so more practical in BASIC… now execution speed is another matter… but with the hardware these days that is often not a significant issue for most apps.

I don’t expect C coders (or even most technical people) to respect BASIC no matter what… Heck I wrote an app in Xojo that helped get an important project moving… and when my boss (who has a PhD from MIT) saw I was coding in a BASIC dialect, I got the sense he he thought it was more of the skill level of scripting… Oh well.

In any case, why are you being a killjoy? :wink:

  • Karen

Actually for me C code is the only programming language I would use the word “sexy” for – if the code is well written of course. I very rarely work in C nowadays, but of all programming languages I used C is the only one which was really fun using. You are in charge when using C. It is the only programming language you don’t have to fight against.

Slightly autistic (behavior).

Sorry, I thought this was just a bit of fun.

I saw a job ad earlier for a Cobol programmer (in France).

Basic Applications: Simple, Intuitive Coding.

What is important is to get things done. I don’t find C bad per se. As a matter of fact, it is not that different from Basic.

I do loathe Objective-C, but that is another story …

As a recovering C (and C++ and C#, etc.) programmer myself, I miss it only when I need to get down and talk to the machine hardware more directly. And even then, I usually prefer to drop into Assembly Language. However, since I don’t program much professionally any more, I am glad that Xojo is around.

No, I don’t think I’ll apply for the job. I hated COBOL when I had to use it years ago.

Only miss inheritance and overloading while coding in C.

Blunderous Amateur Solves Incredible Complexity
Brainless Amateur Solves Incredible Complexity

Probably not being very kind to myself.

I’m on a roll:

Better At Simple Intuitive Code

A lot of C programming is done at a fairly high level, leveraging all manner of frameworks. I appreciate the simplicity of Xojo/BASIC, but I also appreciate the fact that in C, I can choose to code at either a low level or at a higher level. Even with Xojo, the first thing I did was develop a framework of modules and subclasses so I could code at a higher level than straight Xojo.

But that isn’t really relevant to this thread. :slight_smile:

BAsic Simple Intelligent Coding

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