8K Retina on the way ?

I heard about it this morning on Tech News Today (http://twit.tv/show/tech-news-today/1231 ) :

An iMac with a resolution of 7680x4320…


I read the article where LG stated this, and if true would be interesting.

LG make some great screen panels and i would feel much safer buying an LG one for sure.

Apple though, would need to put some serious graphics grunt behind it, something i feel has been lacking on apple machines of late.

They could also produce an updated cinema display with it too, something else which now appears lacking compared to. the competition.

HiDpi on an 8K screen - mind blowing!

Unreadable :wink:

I am one of those who could not find an advantage in having HDTV these days (have but don’t need it and i don’t wear glasses) :wink:

Me: Not so impressed… I think this is only “Money Making”…

Given the amount of work to support Retina 2x, I wonder what will happen with 4x …

You will have to scale Icons up to 2048px and make each image twice-as-twice-as big :smiley:

The challenge is even more interesting for Windows (Read how Christophe de Vocht discovered again Windows on his 4K), where from 1024x768 up to 7680x4320, that is a 7.5 ratio. Some unrezizeable controls such as ProgressWheel or the text of SegmentedControl will require extra strong reading glasses…