7 Great Tools for Xojo: Retina Kit, Arbed, and More - Only $79!

XJBundle for Xojo is a collection of over $350 of the best add-ons for Xojo development, available for a limited time for only 79$ (€ 79).

This offer ends 4th October 2015.

The bundle includes:
• Arbed Basic Licence (Windows & Mac OS X)
• DtPlugins (Mac OS X)
• Html Edit Control (Windows & Mac OS X)
• Lexing Control (Windows & Mac OS X)
• Ohanaware Retina Display Kit 2 (Windows & Mac OS X)
• RubberViews (Windows & Mac OS X)
• TreeView (Windows & Mac OS X)

XJBundle for Xojo is immediately available for purchase through the XJBundle website at http://www.xjbundle.com. For more information, visit the XJBundle website. XJBundle is organized by Dethomsoft Software, and the best of the best supporting vendors. For any questions, contact us at: info@xjbundle.com.

This is a nice bundle. Purchased mine this morning.

Does the Lexing control allow you to use your own list of words to recognise? What about text fragments (not actual words) like org in Programmer?

Very good bundle and highly recommended.

Got mine this morning.

There are two options. The existing option is to not use a lexing language and do the styling in the StyleNeeded event. There you need to develop your own styling/syntax and a very simple sample project is provided. The StyleNeeded event is only fired when the Lexing language is set to 0 (zero), aka Container. The second option needs to be developed, making use of an external lexer. This option is currently considered.

I might have interpreted your question wrongly. If you would want to use a Lexing language then for sure you can add more words. This is demonstrated in an other example (using the LexingLanguage VBScript, (Basic). I am aware though that some samples in the current release are missing a Core.txt file in the project. If you want you could download another plugin ScriptThreadSafeGUI plugin. This plugin comes with a sample project that does have that file. It would not hurt testing that project out (you need to put that second plugin in the plugins folder).

Note that soon a new release will be available with better samples (not dependent on another plugin).

Friendly reminder, everyone! Time is running out!
This deal ends when all that Halloween candy goes on sale - Sunday, November 1st!

Out of mild curiosity, does the bundle come with RetinaKit 3 now that it’s out or is it still version 2?

Thanks Jean-Paul.

Although I have most plugins, I still want to buy the bundle to support the devs.
The main thing … you need to buy via Digital River and they always add VAT for EU customers, even if I give my VAT number. In that case I should not have to pay the VAT. I wrote several mails for this but they do not respond at all.

Aargh. I just bought Arbed Basic standalone.

I just need more money !!


Tony Barry

[quote=224911:@jean-paul devulder]
The bundle finish in 3 DAYS !!!

2 tools in development are includes for all buyers.

  1. XJCODE (WIN/OSX) tools for check your code for optimize code.

  1. XJSHORTCUT (OSX) tools for made global shortcut for all xojo menu items (insert class, run paused, …)


when is it going to be ready?? Jean-Pail

XJCode sound interesting

I can refund your Arbed purchase if you purchase the bundle. Just write me an email to remind me then.

The initial post states that it comes with Arbed Basic Licence (without localisation and obfuscation features):

The bundle includes: • Arbed Basic Licence (Windows & Mac OS X)

But the bundle website lists the price for Arbed Complete:

Which one is it?

It’s Arbed Complete

What Tim says.

Just bought the Bundle.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Which Arbed Version should i download for use with Xojo 2015 R3, 1.7.8 or 1.8 Beta?

Just bought this bundle, but where can i download it?