65364 - Delete context menu is missing from Default on Color Group

Feedback Case Number: <https://xojo.com/issue/65364>

This case has been closed because the behavior described is not a bug. You must always have a default color.

If every color group has to have a default color, why are they created without a default then?

Is this the bug I should add then and not the fact that you can’t remove the default color when you add one?

The design of the ColorGroups is odd. Why is Desktop inserted when Default is meant to be default? Also when I add Desktop, Default and Mobile and delete all 3 of them then I can’t add Desktop back.

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I agree, when you add a ColorGroup to a Web project, you have Web inserted, you can add Default and Mobile (I don’t know why), you can delete all 3 (even if there is no context menu to delete default) and you can’t add Web again.

Why you can delete Web (or default) if you must always have a default color by clicking the - button above? If Default is the one to always be there, why is not created when you add a ColorGroup to a Web project and a Web colorgroup is added?