64bit XojoScript

I am wondering if updating xojoscript so that it can be used inside 64-bit applications is still in the plans. I have a program that uses xojoscript which I would love to compile for 64 bit Mac and windows environments. I am hoping this happens sooner rather than later.

You’ll know when XojoScript is 64 bit when the IDE is 64 bit. The IDE uses XojoScript so take the inference from there.

Obviously, it’s getting closer with each release, but yeah, what a pain. We have a number of projects that can’t go to 64 bit waiting on XojoScript.

Thanks for the insight. My only observation is that it should be feasible to upgrade XojoScript independent of the IDE. Perhpas it is more efficient to do both simultaneously, but there are so many XojoScript users, the delay is unfortunate. My primary program relies on XojoScript, so I feel your pain.

Sure. I know Xojo keenly feels the pain too since it’s one of the things holding the IDE back. Since you’re in the beta program you know the progress they’re making.

It is nice that we are all sharing the pain, then.

“Nice” isn’t the word I’d use, but hey, whatever works for you. :wink:

Its not actually
32 bit apps cant use 64 bit dll’s/ dylibs and the reverse is generally true enough that trying to do this is a non-starter

Thanks Norman and Bob. I will patiently (not really) wait for both the IDE and XojoScript to be upgraded to 64bit. And I wont even ask when that will be, as I know the answer.

When its ready!

See http://blog.xojo.com/2016/10/11/xdc-2016-recap/

[i]For early 2017, Xojo is expecting 64-bit to be out of beta, enabling things such as debugging, XojoScript, Windows manifest and other features.

Later in the year, we expect 64-bit to become the default build target. But don’t worry, 32-bit is not going away! We are also working on the 64-bit version of the IDE itself. The new Xojo framework will be expanded to have feature parity with the classic framework to make it easier for you to start using it in your projects. Lastly, we are also expecting the ability to write plugins for Xojo in Xojo (first announced at XDC 2015) to be made available.

Towards the end of the year, Xojo is working towards shipping an updated IDE with simplified project layout and management. We are also working on a new SDK Interoperability feature (Interops) that will make it much easier use your Xojo apps with standard app frameworks for iOS and macOS. And this new feature will be leveraged to provide an all-new Xojo project type: native Android mobile apps![/i]