64Bit ARM Support for Raspberry Pi 3

Hi All,

I have created a feature request to release the 64Bit ARM compiler used with the iPhone builds, to support 64bit Linux builds on Raspberry Pi 3, and other 64bit ARM boards.

Feature request feedback://showreport?report_id=42893

Please sign on if you want to see this support on Linux!

I think there is one already :slight_smile:

But you had read that – at least for some time – it will only run with a 32 Bit OS on a 32 Bit kernel? No need to rush 64 Bit here, I think.

There will be a slight migration for raspberry pi 3 to 64bit raspbian, but there are 64bit options now. There is also the basic fact that Xojo will not turn it on and have it work, getting 64bit ARM Linux ports working now, fixing framework and porting issues, or starting work now may allow us to use it when the general use case of 64bit Raspbian becomes available for the masses.

[quote=251771:@Albin Kiland]I think there is one already :slight_smile:

I had searched feedback initially and didn’t see this, I have signed onto this report and it is now ranked 20th overall. I think this is really critical to get added into the mix now, while Xojo developers are actively working on 64bit support overall. As we all know getting a related change in when your actively working on similar things is much easier and efficient than doing it a year later.

In all fairness then they probably cannot add it until someone releases 64bit OS. (Like if Armbian was to bring 64 bit OS or Raspberry) since they need something to test on for sure.