64 vs 32?

Maybe I’m stepping in a quagmire that is above my skill level.

I’m writing an iOS app, would be nice to use code from Core Location which somebody put up on the forums, and some other code that somebody put up that can look inside a GIF.

Core Location says it’s running as 32bit. The writer of the GIF code says he couldn’t get it to run as 64bit.

What kind of things in general would I look for to try to get code working as 64bit.


You might want to look into the iOS forum where some of your questions have been discussed.

As a general (and very rough) guide, iOS (and OS X) often use a CGFloat datatype that is a single on 32bit and a double on 64. This data type is used in structures like CGRect, NSSize and so one, which means you should have methods to convert between them and use the appropriate definition for your platform’s bit size. And of course check singles in your project – maybe they need to be CGFloat too.
The only way to find out is comparing Apple’s developers docs against the declares in your project.

Integer is 64bit long on 64bit and 32bit on 32bit systems automatically, but from time to time a certain bit size is used in declares. Again, Apple’s docs will tell you. Probably looking into some declares that are 64bit savvy will help you how to implement that stuff.

Thanks Ulrich!