64 compile error (ld: framework not found User32)

Mac OS X 10.10.5, XOJO 2015 r3.1
Compiles fine in 32 but get this error in 64 (ld: framework not found User32)

Using 1 Einhugur plugin (DateControl) and is latest 64 build.

Any ideas?

TIA, Tony

Sounds like you might have a Windows User32 declare when building for OS X? Search your project for User32 and see if that’s the case…

I have platform targets and would love to compile my macOS App in 64-bit. But with a Windows User32 Declare within a Windows target it wouldn’t compile in 64-bit, only in 32-bit. How to fix it?

You need to find the 64bit equivalent of the 32bit Declare (assuming there is one)

Dont you have your declares wrapped up with a

#if targetwin32


TargetWin32 is still true for 64 bit builds.

What is the declare you’re using? Perhaps someone already has a 64-bit version available or could help you get it 64-bit ready…

Thanks to all of you, there was one Declare the developer of the Module didn’t used a target within. I updated this and now everything works fine :wink: