64 bit release before graphics were revamped

I have a problem here. I bought the latest version of Xojo. The last version I had was 2014 v.2
The 2014 version of my software works great… I’ve been selling it for 6 years now.

Now, thanks to apple hell, I have to make my app 64 bit. However, Now most of my software does not run due to the restrictions applied to graphics. I cannot call to a graphics from a sub, I can create a function where canvas is a variable, I can’t use g=canvas.graphics.

So, my question:
Is there a previously released Xojo version, 64 bit but before the graphics stuff got all changed? I would love to get that :slight_smile:

No there isn’t/wasn’t… And while its a pain… you would be best off “fixing” you application to meet the new requirements.

WHile there are better ways to do it, this may get you moving quickly:

On window where you used to draw to MYCANVAS.graphics
Add a property called MYCANVAS_GRAPHICS of type graphics , and MYCANVAS_PIC of type picture
When the window opens, set MYCANVAS_PIC to be a NEW picture(MYCANVAS,WIDTH, MYCANVAS.HEIGHT)

When you would have drawn into MYCANVAS.graphics, use MYCANVAS_GRAPHICS instead (just change . to _ )

In the PAINT event of MYCANVAS, put g.drawpicture MYCANVAS_PIC,0,0

I think the change was on 2018 Release 3, so 2018 Release 2 should do that.

I have installed 2016 r4.1 and 2017r3, both can compile for 64 bits

Yes, it was: http://documentation.xojo.com/resources/deprecations.html

If you have a current license, you can download older versions from the archive.
But I would encourage you to rather take the stress of a redesign like suggested by Jeff. The graphics property had been deprecated for eons and using an old version would give you nothing more than an internal workaround for a long-lost OS feature (which you can rebuild as a custom solution quite easily) while losing all improvements of the last year.

Doing an update using a deprecated Xojo version is not a good idea (as was no upgrade since 6 years).

Upgrading to the current Xojo (say Xojo 2019r2 when it will be available) is the good idea to follow (imho).

Doing so will just send your problem some times in the future, the time where you will need to make a feature overhaul: as you already said, Apple (as Microsoft) can comes with OS incompatibilities /Xojo comes with new version(s).

What happened since 2014 ? Retina / HIDpi, 64 bits, Dark Mode, etc… an your users do not asked for these ? Happy developer :wink:

Your software, your time, your decision(s).