61497 - WebControl.UpdateBrowser does not update the control

In my testing, using code directly adapted from the Language Reference, WebControl.UpdateBrowser has no effect. All updates seem to be queued until the method exits.


The LR says:


Forces the current values of the control to be sent to the browser.


This method is useful when you are computing values in a loop and wish to update the browser immediately rather than wait until the current method ends.

@Mike_D this is fixed, but not yet deployed, right?

It says Fixed & Verified and part of Xojo 2020r1.1

If it doesn’t work for you, please open a new Feedback Case with sample code.

Well I took the example from the Feedback Case and run it, and it doesn’t work … so no need for sample code :-). That’s why I wanted to double check with @Mike_D, as I remember that there were some discussions around this topic …

I understand the whole issues with traffic. But I believe many users would need a simple way (without always working with threads) to just change the look of a button for instance, before firing a long running method, that’s why updateBrowser exists, doesn’t it? For instance changing the caption of a field stating “This will now run for a few seconds”. Threads are they way to do it, but you don’t always have a paying customer for this “luxury”. All they are saying is “Thank you works great, but I never know if the process kicked off after pressing the button” … I am a lazy guy, if there is no $$ in for me :wink: