50505 - Unhandled NilObjectException in RBCodeItem.ProjectPathToMe

See <https://xojo.com/issue/50505>

I just hit this crash again with 2018 R1.

  • the case is private, it should be public now that the beta is over.
  • I tried to suggest the case be reopened (by clicking the “Status: Closed (misc)” button) but the popup menu is empty.

Can you reproduce this problem? There is a reason why I usually don’t waste my time with those automatically created reports. The problem never is reproducible.

No. The IDE is still pretty buggy. This latest time it happened, it was after I got into a weird situation where one of my tabs was completing ignoring mouse clicks. The only click it would respond to was the click to close the tab. The crash happened soon after that, but in another tab.