50% discount for Xojo components from Pesaro System

Pesaro System is pleased to announce that their Xojo components will be discounted 50% for the month of August.

At this link you can buy all the components for Xojo:


The components are:

Xojo Gantt 1.4 - The Gantt component for Xojo is a support tool for project management in a diagram that displays the status of the projects for a period of time. It can also be used to view the reservations of a hotel, for a calendar of events, or any other environment where you need to display a diagram with the elements and time. It is very simple and easy to use, just drag the xojoGantt folder in your project, and you can start using it.

You can download here http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-gantt-english.asp

Xojo GridMap 1.0 - The GridMap component for Xojo Desktop development platform is a tool for area management. It is possible to set the size of the area in rows and columns. This will create a grid divided into cells, each with its properties. This will allow you to use the component for any situation, such as: beaches, land, campsites, parking lots, etc.

You can download here: http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-gridmap-english.asp

Xojo Zoom Image 1.0 - The Zoom Image component for Xojo Desktop development platform is a support tool for image management. A box containing the image is made available.

You can download here: http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-zoom-image-english.asp

Xojo Picker Color 1.2 - The Color Picker component for Xojo development platform is a support tool for color management. It is made available to a box containing the most used colors in shades divided. It can be used to design applications or any other environment where you need to use the colors.

You can download here: http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-picker-color-english.asp

Xojo New Window Style 1.0 - The New Window Style component for Xojo Desktop development platform is a class for customizing the windows of Xojo projects for macOS. The class allows to transform the “old” classical view into the new style adopted by the most common applications for macOS.

You can download here: http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-new-window-style-english.asp

For any information write to info@pesarosystem.it