45574 - iOS : Events cannot be added unless the project is saved first

I am not happy. I filed this bug report earlier this week.

Seems it took very little time and very little trying to simply close the report as not able to reproduce this behavior.

Yes, sure, swipe it under the rug !

I experience this bug very regularly, while working. Just the same as it used to happen in Desktop.

But hey, that is the operative word : it takes WORKING with that pesky half finished tool to see the bug. Not simply superficially looking at it.

I don’t file bug reports in a whim. The bug exists, an although apparently random, it merits some attention. I hate working for nothing because others have no regard for users.

This bug report should stand open, until more can be submitted. Otherwise it will never ever be addressed.

I hope others having to contend with this idiotic situation can attest to it.

45574 - iOS : Events cannot be added unless the project is saved first
Status: Closed (Not Reproducible) Rank: Not Ranked Product: Xojo Category: IDE » Miscellaneous

Michel Bujardet on Oct 21, 2016 at 8:50 PM
OS: OS X 10.12.1

Xojo: Xojo 2016r3

Steps: There was a report about the very same issue during beta (36100 Can’t Add Event Handlers to New Control Until Project is Saved).

I have not worked on iOS for a year and a half, so I find that the situation has not changed. It is still necessary to save the project first to have access to events.

Unfortunately, the problem is kind of random, and I had to wait until it manifests to see it. Worse, as saving makes it go away, I cannot attach a sample project.

Here is a screen movie showing the issue.


I know that it can be frustrating to have a bug closed as not reproducible. However, the fact is, even if we worked at it hard enough to occasionally see it, as you have, that doesn’t help. The only realistic way for us to fix a bug is to be able to reliability reproduce it. Two different engineers looked at this issue and attempted to find ways to reproduce it but could not. That’s why the case was closed. All we can do is hope that at some point steps will be found or that the bug gets fixed as a side effect of fixing other bugs.

Please consider that all of us a Xojo work very hard to make Xojo the best we can make it. You may not have intended it, but when you suggest that we are not trying hard enough on your particular case, it’s insulting.

Please don’t use words like “insulting”. You perfectly know it was not my intention. I apologize if it helps.

But please understand that I did not invent the bug. I did not report it on a whim. I do struggle to use an imperfect product without growling all the time, or going on avenging rants all the time. On the contrary, I have constantly tried my best to provide actionable bug reports, and keep a positive spirit.

I feel insulted on my part when it is implied I could have somehow reported something that does not exist.

Oh we certainly know that it exists and we appreciate the video you made in your report. As Geoff said, there’s just not much we can do unless/until we can reproduce it- so if anyone has any further information on how to do that it’d help! Closing as not reproducible does not mean it doesn’t exist- it means we can’t reproduce it and can’t take action on it now.

Luckily this one has a very small impact surface- it is only occasional (rare enough that it is difficult to reproduce)- and then it has only been seen on a project that has not yet been saved.